Rock Portraits

From Mary:

I am mysteriously drawn to rocks. They seem to speak in a very deep code. With their utter calm an immovability, they seem to speak of a link to eternity….and with one glance, a primal feeling comes over me of surety and knowing.

Rocks have meaningful shapes, as ancient Japanese garden makers vividly describe, but they also have minute and detailed surface qualities which seem to lead inward, almost like a face. They also have a map-like quality, the study of which may lead to an eventual destination or solve a long lost riddle.

They appear embedded with ancient symbols, and I hope to decipher a few over time…

Rock Portrait number 1 Rock Portrait number 2 Rock Portrait number 3 Rock Portrait number 4Rock Portrait number 6Rock Portrait number 5

Rock Portrait number 7 Rock Portrait number 8 Rock Portrait number 9 Rock Portrait number 10






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