Fig in the House


I love figs and have had a Chicago Hardy fig for the last 5 years, gradually potting up to an 18 inch diameter root pruning pot from, called the Root Trapper Grounder. I would manage to move it outdoors every spring, but last year noticed that it never seemed to adjust to the sunlight and wind. Its large smooth leaves continually wilted and look sun scorched even in part shade and with plentiful water. So this year, I decided to leave it in the basement since it seemed happy and content with its light from the windows and flourescent lights. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been harvesting _MG_5392a few figs every day – a gradual ripening which suits me perfectly. This  harvest is better than my outdoor harvest. They also like our well water, which is high in calcium and magnesium. Rain water seems not to be their cup of tea. No one talks about acid rain anymore, as if the problem is totally solved; but I suspect it is not. Judging from the sulking and harsh words from my goji berries (they need alkaline soil), it is still acidic.

I plan to keep it in this pot, so I may root prune it this winter as the Royal Horticultural Society ( suggests. Their roots like cramped quarters they say, but even figs need root pruning “every 3-5 years”. I’ll take a photo of my first large scale plant surgery when I get up the nerve.


Rock Portraits

From Mary:

I am mysteriously drawn to rocks. They seem to speak in a very deep code. With their utter calm an immovability, they seem to speak of a link to eternity….and with one glance, a primal feeling comes over me of surety and knowing.

Rocks have meaningful shapes, as ancient Japanese garden makers vividly describe, but they also have minute and detailed surface qualities which seem to lead inward, almost like a face. They also have a map-like quality, the study of which may lead to an eventual destination or solve a long lost riddle.

They appear embedded with ancient symbols, and I hope to decipher a few over time…

Rock Portrait number 1 Rock Portrait number 2 Rock Portrait number 3 Rock Portrait number 4Rock Portrait number 6Rock Portrait number 5

Rock Portrait number 7 Rock Portrait number 8 Rock Portrait number 9 Rock Portrait number 10