Surrealism in Gardening

For some reason I had been talking about flying orchids lately (boring a spouse is in my catalog of sins.) I have always admired surrealism, beginning back when my brain was at its peak, when I was 17 or 18. (  I get Brain News and so the science goes.) My favorite painting was always Sleeping Gypsy probably because it showed an animal in such an ascendant position over the sleeping woman. LINK  This lion obviously could have killed her and yet the feeling is of such care and delicacy. It brings to mind the ideal law – a law that would elevate and protect animals and plants as well as people. Suprisingly, such a heavenly law called The Law of Mother Earth is close to becoming law in Bolivia.

Rousseau would have loved this law since nature came rushing forward with such great speed from the surface of his canvasses. Just as the Church of old disliked humans being painted in small stature compared to towering trees and other elements of nature, since it seemed to contradict their dominion over nature idea, our present corporations, carrying on the war against nature, would surely dislike Rousseau’s naïve surrealism making nature larger than life. But to a gardener, nature is always larger than life. We are always in some prone position relative to the universe of the nature we encounter day to day.

The flying orchids I was thinking about were misplaced, coming out of nowhere, surely surreal – and this is what landed on my husband’s photoshop enabled computer. Attending the Orchid Show at Michigan State University last month, my eyes had to suddenly adjust from barren snow to a bevy of orchids. The shock value was intense, even a little overwhelming. If there were sound as well, there would have been bells and bagpipes. In fact, to my jaded eyes, there seemed to be millions and millions of them. They swept over me like a heavenly invasion, and when that subsided, a series of tapestries. Here is my husband’s version of the heavenly invasion of orchids, with the tapestries to come soon……..

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